Cherries Royale

Garlic with Cloves, Three Aubergines and Five Mushrooms




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As well as commissions for portraits, I also undertake commissions for other work based upon my still lifes. I'm always interested in exploring new possibilities or producing new and different versions of previous paintings. On a number of occasions, I've been commissioned by interior designers who see my work as playing a part in an overall design and having some experience of interior design myself, I'm always keen to take up the challenge of relating image to colour and space. Below are a few recent examples.



I love it when I get to see my paintings in people's homes. Thank you to the lovely people who bought 'Morandi's Bottles' and sent me the following pictures. I think it looks fantastic!









I love to see my work "in situ" and here is The Great Squeeze, USA, finally at home:






My latest commission: "THE GREAT SQUEEZE, USA". Realist enough? Soon on its way to Texas, USA, to join "Cup Runneth Over".






My latest commission: DESAYUNO MENORQUIN. Breakfast in Menorca anyone?

Thank you Frank and Mary for entrusting me with your memories.




I was delighted when I received an e-mail from Texas, USA, asking me to do a large painting (155cmx93cm) of one of my favourite subjects: cherries. This has been a very exciting and rewarding commission and I am now looking forward to seeing a photo of "CUP RUNNETH OVER" in situ.




It always makes me happy when I get to see a picture of one of my paintings 'in situ'. My Two Aubergines were a surprise Christmas present and judging by the photograph it seems to have been a great success! 





"I love it. What a great housewarming present: Trinidad's Boiled Egg and Soldiers." We hope you enjoy it in your new home. Love, Ann and Trinidad 




It is so satisfying when one of my paintings finds the right place and I get to see it 'in situ'. Garlic on Black looks like it has been painted especially for this particular corner but in fact it was purchased recently during Fragments of Spain. Thank you Sue for the photograph!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARBARA! Love from Ann and Maggie





When I was working on the above painting, I particularly enjoyed the thought that it was going to be displayed in the bedroom of such adorable little girls. I'll even go as far as saying that they are so cute that they steal the 'picture'!




I am always pleased to see how my paintings look 'in situ' and I think this is particularly beautiful! Thank you K for commissioning me. 



The client who commissioned this painting wanted to surprise her husband on the occasion of his retirement with pictures of his favourite cooking ingredients: garlic, aubergines and mushrooms.




These clients had recently moved into a house called "Peach House" and they had a beautiful peach tree in their front garden. They wanted a painting that would celebrate this fruit. They were delighted with my suggestion to do four separate paintings, each depicting one of the seasons.




Having just refurbished her victorian home, this client wanted a painting which would capture the colours and flavour of her state-of-the-art new kitchen. The deep, strong colours of aubergines beautifully complement the stylish modern decor.


Please contact me if you want to talk about a painting you have in mind.